Early in the morning, when the sun is sneaking into the green valleys and the mist is floating over the tips of the tropical trees, a traveller can hear the winds wisper, the dew drops sing and hear the orchestra of myriads of exotic and, in other regions of the world endangered, birds praising the new day. It is in these moments when the pulsating heart of the nature exihibits it's beauty and magic through the Isla Esperanza's flora and fauna. Just when the sounds and tunes seem to come to a crescendo, the light of the sunrays ignits a firework of colours. The intensity of the overwhelming broad and diverse color palette diverts the traveller's mind from the accoustic to the visual sphere. The mind seems to be flooded by colors, by nuances and shadings in an incredible diversity.

The palette of colors changes from sunrise to high noon and each moment, you discover new colors, new mixtures and compositions. Exactly when your eyes seem to be overexcited by the play of the colors, your world of tunes and colors will get a new dimension: the smells. The all embracing power of the sun has awakened legions of smells, whole worlds open up and the tunes and colors interweave with the smells, and now, finally, you are a part of the magic.