Brother Delirius, was the first inhabitant of Isla Esperanza, soon followed by fisher men and their families, most of them were danish emigrants seeking new, fertile and pleasant homes. But in the later centuries, many other nationality has shown up on the island. In contrast to most of the world, the Esperidians (how they call themself) do not care about their roots. And this is easy to understand, once you have spent some time on Isla Esperanza. It's magic makes your history blurring with every day. All that counts is being here, now.

Many of the traditions of the Esperidians are influenced by danish, teutonic, roman, venician, portugese, spanish and even islamic and buddhistic cultures. This is the result of the cultural melting process that happened over the centuries on the island.

The diversity in the historic and geographic roots of the ancient inhabitants perfectly fits the mysterious atmosphere of the island. The Esperidians are peacefull and mild people. Since the first written records about the Isla Esperanza, there is no sign of any war activities on the island. Not even the common fight "man against nature" is visible or perceptible. From the trees and flowers, donkeys and birds to the humans - all live in utmost harmony. As Brother Delirius instinctively knew, Isla Esperanza is the paradise on earth.

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