Welcome dear friend

Are you looking for a different virtual airline? Want to join our club
of flying aces and strive trough the skies? Here's the brief procedure you need to follow...

dESPair is a virtual airline, but we are different...

We are a bunch of active and sharing X-Plane flight simulator pilots
and we enjoy flying over our own, "home made" scenery. We fly different - our main goal is to have fun by enhancing our simming experience through the help of our pilot club. Growth is limited, and our staff needs to constantly specialize and train the skills for -let's say - peculiar operations.

We fly seriously, professionaly and with enthusiasm

We organize virtual fly-ins, create missions to be flown by our whole crew, and most important: we have a couple of cosy pilot
lounges at our home bases, so we join there every now and then,
chatting about our flight activities, our fleet and our Flight Attendants.

Small is beautifull - individualism is mandatory

Our goal is not to become the biggest VA. We want to keep our crew rather small - but then, personal and intimate. We don't bother flying
bazillions of miles, but we perform each single mile as an act of artistry, passion and humbleness for the aircraft, the sky and the globe.

dESPair is sort of a role-playing game, and you need imagination, passion and a good measure of crazyness, if you want to enjoy the wondrous world of dESPairados. We feel and behave like nomades of the sky.

Want to dive in to the world of dESPair? Check out the following document. Read it thoroughly and make sure you have understood it.

How to become a dESPairado - MUST READ

If you still feel like a potential dESPairado, and we would be happy if you do, then, read also the below listed manuals:

dESPair Operating Manual

dESPair Flight Operation Manual

Cooperative Operation Manual

If, after the lecture, you still feel the urge to enter your beloved plane and join the wandering crowd of dESPairados, you contact the HQ. That way you will gain access to our communication channel, and then you can start participating in our activity.

If you think dESPair is a nice concept, but you have different visions of a similar airline, then feel free to collect all our public files (nicely arranged in the mission designer kit), and start your own adventure!

For any questions before, during and after the subscription process, feel free to contact the dESPair HQ.

Feel free to visit the staff section right away. Most of the stuff on the dESPair site is free to all sim fans.

Clear sky!


Jobs @ dESPair

The concept.
dESPair is a group of
flying nomades. Our
goal is friendship and
adventure. (and a barrel)

Who's the best?
dESPairados are brothers,
and do not compete. We
solve problems all over
the world. We are here
for the good cause.

How to read the manuals
Nomads do not need
But they do follow rules.
To get an idea of our
rules, you better read
the manuals...

Our rules are friendship,
honesty, sharing soul,
enjoyment and excitement.

Contact: dESPair HQ