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    About our Airline
    Founded in 1999, we are a very young and dynamic company working hard and efficient to bring a new quality into the world of flying.
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    Services & Flights
    We specialized in flying unusual, critical and highly dangerous missions under all conditions. Our fleet features aircrafts in all categories, and our crews are experienced in special ops, flying in Norway, Swiss alps, Italy, Alaska, Greenland, Spitzbergen, Kasachstan, Sudan, Oman and many other places under rather "unusual" conditions and environment. - Read more

    Fleet of dESPair
    The fleet is ever growing and is built from very reliable, extensively tested and approved aircraft, upgraded with the latest technique. Our strategical partnership with the HASA gives us the advantage to work always with the best available material. - Read more

    Crew members
    Our crew has an outstanding experience and highly trained skills. Each of our pilots is highly trained and specialised, and enabled to deliver the maximum efficiency, accuracy and security - dESPairados are true nomads of the skies. Read more

    Archipelago - home of the nomads
    Ever wanted to know more about the only permanent home of the dESPair nomads? Visit us on the various islands of the Archipelago Esperides - Read more

Facts & Rumours

dESPair annual report
The most efficient way to get to know us, is to read the annual erport. It's full of interesting facts and tons of pictures. Get your free copy of the report here.

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