Annual reports.

From the CEO

Annual reports of dESPair company are vital lecture not only for the Wall Street analyst, but especially for people who are interested in working for our company. We apply great care when we create these reports, to bring you crucial information about our "modus operandi".

Annual report 2004
Includes a historic picture gallery of our dESPair adventures

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5th anniversary
dESPairados have been flying to make the world better place since 5 years. This is not only impressive in terms of economical stability of our company, but obviously a clear sign of the constant quality of services, the professionality and the strong team spirit of our crew. But the number 5 also means more than 400'000 email messages sent along the dESPair intercom network, many many discussions and countless shared good wishes. dESPair is a family of nomads of the blue skies.

That's where our moto comes:

dESPair - where flying
is not just business.

Yours truly,
Cpt. Hak

("Hak the seagull" )